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2018 Karate World Championships

World Karate Congress in Spain


President of Karate South Africa (KSA), Sonny Pillay Hanshi was afforded centre stage at the recent World Karate Congress hosted in Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain.

More than 120 national karate presidents from around the globe listened intently as the South African Karate legend delivered his address to the delegates present at the congress.

As a matter of interest. Hanshi Pillay was invited by the President of the World Karate Federation (WKF) to highlight the gross injustices that were inflicted by SASCOC on KSA for a period lasting in excess of three long years.

The congress was given an insight to the several legal battles that KSA fought and won overwhelmingly against SASCOC in the law courts of South Africa. As a matter of interest, the karate maestro Sonny who has been at the helm of karate in South Africa for the past 6 years was given a huge applause upon conclusion of his presentation by the entire congregation.

WKF president, Antonio Espinos, expressed his delight at the overwhelming victories that KSA enjoyed over SASCOC and said “Sonny, your victory in South Africa against the sporting authorities is not just a victory for South Africa but for the whole sporting world to take cognisance of, hence we at WKF believe that your legal battles, moreover victories, must be made a case study for national federations affiliated to the WKF to refer to whenever they have similar challenges.“

“South African karate is now firmly on the global map given the positive reception I received from the international audience present at the congress, whom I believe took serious cognisance of the pain and suffering inflicted on KSA and myself in particular (as president) due solely to several unfounded conspiracies hatched by SASCOC over three long years,“ is how Sonny Pillay Hanshi summed up his address in the Canary Islands. 

Pic Sonny addressing the WKF Congress (with members of the board behind)