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KSA Youth Nationals 2018

The KSA youth (children/cadet/junior) championships 2018 attended by a capacity crowd of both participants and spectators proved to be an overwhelming success

“I am absolutely delighted at the huge turnout of our karate youth from throughout the Republic, “said a very excited President of KSA Sonny Pillay Hanshi“ moreover the high standard of karate on display by the participants throughout the weekend certainly augurs well for the future of KSA “

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Report on KSA Senior Nationals 2018

KSA Senior Nationals (under 21 incl.) an "overwhelming success" says KSA President Sonny Pillay Hanshi

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Arnold Classic Sports Festival 2018

KSA will be a part of the Arnold Classic Sports Festival 2018

This event will be held in Johannesburg from 18 - 20 May 2018.

For more details visit their website http://www.arnoldclassicafrica.com 

Read the General Championship Rules here

Email received from Arnold Classic Africa:

Good morning Mr President KSA

Thank you for this weekend’s opportunity to interview all KSA’s top athletes and inspiring leaders. It gave me a better insight and understanding as to why karate is such a passionate sport. I realised how karate change people’s lives for the better and why it is a sport that creates a platform that can influence a country and the world to be a better place. I respect the vision you have for the sport and hope to assist in that vision in any way I see an opportunity.

To give you feed back from the interviews, some of the athletes who knew about the Arnold Classic were very excited about the fact that karate will be a fully operational sporting code at the Arnold Classic this year. Some of the athletes were not sure what the Arnold Classic was so I used the opportunity to explain it to them in the most passionate way possible as to inspire them to be present at the Arnold Classic. Some of the athletes testimonials were truly inspiring and I could see how normal people from the public could relate to them. Some of the comments regarding the ACA were that they will enjoy to interact with athletes from other sporting codes to learn from them. For others it was the fact that the ACA is an opportunity to introduce Karate to the public and open the doors to greater opportunities.

Equipped with this insight, I will keep it and use it to promote karate.

Thank you again for the opportunity and I believe it will be fruitful in one way or another.

Best sporting regards,

Nicolene Mitchell

World Karate Congress in Spain

President of Karate South Africa (KSA), Sonny Pillay Hanshi was afforded centre stage at the recent World Karate Congress hosted in Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain.

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KSA President Receives Letter Of Honour From WKF

KSA President, Sonny Pillay Hanshi, recently received a letter of honour from the World Karate Federation

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