Karate in the Olympics!! Olympics

2018 Karate World Championships

Report on KSA Senior Nationals 2018


“The action-packed KSA senior Nationals (- 21 years incl ) hosted in the Gauteng Province by GKF was an overwhelming success indeed and brought out the best in South Africa’s WKF tournament fighters!“ said President of KSA, Sonny Pillay Hanshi, my huge congrats to Leo Ciutto the KSA Tournament director and the tournament commission as a whole.

Brando Pillay, Technical convenor of KSA, was very excited at the future prospects of KSA producing OLYMPIC quality athletes in the near future and remarked “Champions such as Free State’s Sandile Nelson, Western Cape’s Reece and Tayliah Adams, Gauteng’s Morgan Moss, KZN’S Theo Pillay and Osman Ghoor amongst several others delivered top performances at the event that attracted a record number of entries of the best karate competitors from around the Republic and this augurs well for the possibility of an Olympic candidate emerging from within the ranks of KSA.“

A technical briefing conducted by the Technical convenor Brando Pillay, the chief referee Rhoda and Director of coaching, Roetz, preceded the said championships result of which was several referees and coaches were accredited prior to the championships.

In addition, the KSA coaches appointed for international duty at events around the globe during 2018 was announced on the 2nd day of the Nationals.

President of KSA (the official custodians for karate under the auspices of SASCOC ) expressed his delight at the huge success of the weekends event in Pretoria and said “Having seen the quality of karate on the tatami this weekend I am optimistic that sooner than later a WKF World Champ will emerge from South Africa, moreover KSA is on the move ( in the right direction) heading towards the biggest stage in sporting history the OLYMPIC games.“

KSA now looks forward to its children’s Cadet’s and Junior championships being hosted in KZN on the 23-24 March 2018 said Tournament Director Leo Ciutto.