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2018 Karate World Championships

KSA Receives Endorsement from WKF at World Cup Congress 2016 in Linz


President of National Karate Federation KSA, Sonny Pillay Hanshi, received an overwhelming endorsement at the WKF World Congress from both the All Africa Karate Federation (UFAK) and the WKF current world governing body for karate. Moreover it was categorically stated by the WKF president, Antonio Espinos, that KSA are currently the official custodians of karate in South Africa by virtue of its official recognition by the WKF an affiliate of the IOC

The support for the KSA President Hanshi Pillay was further reiterated by Tahar Misbahi, the President of the All Africa Karate Federation, UFAK, during a closed session of the three Presidents of KSA ,UFAK and the WKF. 

The South African karate legend, Sonny Pillay, who also serves as the Vice President of the Commonwealth Karate Federation (CKF) also addressed the WKF World Congress (attended by delegates from 180 countries worldwide) during which he raised the issue of technical support being afforded to developing countries such as South Africa and others by the WKF. The WKF president responded very positively to the KSA president’s request and promised to give the matter his serious consideration in consultation with the current WKF technical commission.

“I am excited to report that KSA Team South Africa advanced to the third round of the World Cup in Linz Austria, a first in over ten years, defeating the mighty team USA on the way“ said a delighted Sonny Pillay. "This achievement augurs well for the future, especially given that karate is confirmed as an Olympic sport for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics" added the KSA President Hanshi Pillay.