Karate in the Olympics!! Olympics

2018 Karate World Championships

KSA Protea Coaching Workshop

The coaching workshop organised by the KSA Technical Convenor Brando Shihan and the KSA Director of Coaching, Michael Roetz, attracted a record number of athletes from throughout the country.

Visiting director of WKF USA Coaching, Tokey Hill Shihan was delighted to see the huge turnout of Protea athletes for the coaching workshop held during the Arnold classic sports festival.

The workshop that proved be an overwhelming success was conducted by the KSA coaching team led by Mario Boer, Shiner Banyane and other KSA senior coaches.

At the conclusion of the vibrant session the WKF Legend, Tokey Shihan, did his best to motivate the said Proteas to make their Olympic dream a reality.

A coaches clinic was then conducted by the 1980 WKF WORLD CHAMPION Tokey Hill for all our official KSA PROTEA coaches.

“All in all an unforgettable morning for our KSA karate Proteas“ said the Director of Coaching, Michael Roetz.