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2018 Karate World Championships

Breaking News! Another First For South African Karate


"KSA celebrates another first for South African Karate" says a delighted Sonny Pillay, President of KSA, as our very own Llewellyn Rhoda is appointed Chairman of UFAK the ALL Africa Karate Federation.

Click here to read the letter from UFAK

Letter from WKF 

Dear Llewellyn, Dear Friend,

Congratulations on your nomination as Chairman of the UFAK Referee Commission.

You have also been appointed by the WKF Executive Committee as a Member of the WKF Referee Commission. On behalf of my colleagues in the WKF-RC, I will like to welcome you to our group of dedicated Karate Servers.

Please notice that it is very crucial that all WKF RC Members comply with the requirements decided by the WKF-EC in order to attend and officiate at the World Championships.

Please find attached a list with the members of the WKF-RC per 10th Sept. 2018.

Kind Regards

Javier Escalante
WKF-RC Chairman