Karate in the Olympics!! Olympics

2018 Karate World Championships


Commonwealth Karate Championships 2018 - An Overwhelming Success

"The Commonwealth Karate Championship 2018 held in Durban, an overwhelming success indeed," says Sonny Pillay, newly elected President of the Commonwealth Karate Nations.

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ANOC World Beach Games - Exciting News!

Exciting news!

As KSA’s Michael du Plessis makes the final team for ANOC World Beach Games scheduled for Oct 2019 in San Diego, USA

CONGRATULATIONS Champ, you make the Rainbow Nation proud indeed!

KSA salutes you

Best sporting regards

Sonny Pillay Hanshi (8th Dan)

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Appreciation For Being Socially Responsible

SKISA and Senior Karate Master, Lucas Tau, reach out with correctional services to inmates in prisons with outstanding program viz. “Rehabilitiation of Prisoners through the medium of karate“

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Historical Moments Indeed for WKF Olympic Karate!

“Karate will never be the same again “ says a delighted Sonny Pillay President KSA

Please click this link to view the video's with memorable moments from Buenos Aires on the WKF.net website.


As KSA President Sonny Pillay is appointed as CEO of the forthcoming Commonwealth Karate Championships 2018 in the Kingdom Kwazulu Natal, City of Durban.

“I am extremely grateful to the Commonwealth Karate Federation (CKF), especially the President, Michael Kassis, for the confidence he has placed in me by virtue of the said appointment, moreover I promise to deliver a world-class event” said a delighted Sonny Pillay upon receiving the Historical news of his appointment, a first for Africa.

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