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Karate in the Olympics!! Olympics

KSA Achieves a "Victory for Justice" once again!


“The OLYMPIC WKF brand is firmly intact in South Africa in respect of the logical conclusion reached with regards to the arbitration KSA vs SASCOC certainly a watershed moment indeed“ says Sonny Pillay Hanshi, the KSA president

“KSA continues to move onward and upward and there is no turning back“ concluded the President of KSA Pillay Hanshi

Click on the links to view the Arbitration Report and Arbitrator's Award.

KSA has already received positive feedback from around the country:

"Congratulations and well done to you & KSA, and the legal team. It shows once again that believing in the right thing plus perseverance will guarantee a positive result." - Johan van Zyl, Chairman Overberg region KSA

"Well done as this has been a great achievement! KSA will now finally be allowed to take its rightful place in South African sport. Through your perseverance we can now finally start concentrating on getting our competitors ready for the Olympics in 2020 and beyond!" - John Daniels,KAWC President

"Congratulations to KSA for such an achievement. Really this leadership led by President Sonny Pillay is the leadership one can rely on. It has proven once again that it knows what its right for the South African Karate fraternity. They are indeed the selfless leaders who would do whatever it takes to put the interests of karate community ahead of anything else.

Once again thanks for fighting so hard for the future of the athletes and your undying love your team have shown for all of us. I wish the karatekas of this country can notice the effort, hard work and risk this executive committee is doing‎ for them and not to listen to lies of power mongers who want nothing but division in this wonderful organization. It's very clear that KSA is the only organization in this country that everyone can rely on." - Nechodemus Banyane

"Well done! I'm sure, knowing you that In the national spirit of reconciliation you will embrace those outside who wish to join Keep up the good work!" - Ronnie Govender

"Congratulation to KSA for passing this hurdle under the leadership of Kyoshi Sonny Pillay and the vice president Mr. Albert Marias. You are a true leadership indeed, oss!"- Zolile Ngavu