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Karate in the Olympics!! Olympics



Letter received from the WKF President:

"Karate and the WKF are OLYMPIC!! Objective accomplished. This in an historic achievement and a milestone that will mark the future of our sport and of our Federation. Now we have to keep on working hard to address the innumerable challenges ahead of us.

Take into account that the main beneficiaries of the Olympic achievement of the WKF are the National Federations and now you have to redouble efforts in your NF to enjoy the benefits of representing an Olympic sport; the role of the National Federations becomes very important and we all expect from you to be at the level required.

Now your National Federation, following the Olympic Charter, will become full member, and with full Olympic voting rights, of your National Olympic Committee. Please work closely together with your NOC for making this a reality as soon as possible.

Now your National Federation can receive additional funding from your national sport authorities in its new quality of Olympic sport, and also should benefit from the development programmes associated. Please work closely together with your Ministry of Sport and your NOC for all this. Tokyo is 4 years ahead of us and your athletes have to start getting ready.

Now for your National Federation is a must to actively be present in the main activities of the WKF, including World Championships, Continental Championships, Karate 1 events. Please also seek additional funding from your sport authorities do be able to participate.

We have entered in a new era for Karate and those who take the train now will enjoy the main benefits of the Olympics as catalyst of our sport in the world but also at national level."

Click here to read the letter from the International Olympic Committee re the inclusion of Karate in the 2020 Olympics