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Karate in the Olympics!! Olympics


Karate Elevated to Olympic Status

"Finally Karate elevated to Olympic status. A historical decision indeed" says KSA President, Sonny Pillay Hanshi.

Read the IOC letter here

KSA Honorarium

President of KSA Sonny Pillay Hanshi accompanied by VP Albert Marias recently bestowed a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD on SA karate legend Norman Robinson Shihan on the occasion of his 80th birthday celebration.

The inscription etched on the prestigious accolade (presented on the night of the celebration of Norman Shihan’s 80th birthday) and read by the KSA President Pillay Hanshi ranked Norman Shihan as “Grandmaster“ a first for KSA.

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Further Clarity from the WKF President Re Current Status KSA/SASCOC/UFAK/WKF

Dear Mr. Marais,

I had a look to the attachment as well as the heads of argument contained in a separate e-mail received today. (WKF Letter & Letter from WKF to SASCOC)

As regards to the attachment here, I only have to say that the position of the WKF has always been the same, and contrary to what SASCOC is saying in its 1st September letter that “ today we learnt that there is not such thing as semi contact karate” as well as other false and misleading statements, deliberately ambiguous. I attach my letter of August 14th 2015 to SASCOC CEO where the position of the WKF is clearly explained. The WKF has never endorsed the formation of any so called “umbrella structure, nor any restructuring of KSA.

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President of WKF Antonio Espinos sets the record straight with SASCOC once and for all

Dear Mr. Reddy,

The WKF General Secretary and myself have met again with Mr. Sam Ramsamy in Rio de Janeiro on the 9th of September. Between others, we have agreed that the WKF General Secretary Toshi Nagura will travel to South Africa in order to meet with SASCOC and KSA and clarify once more, hopefully once for all, the WKF position, which by the way has been already expressed to you several times, the first one as I recall in my letter to you the 14th of August of 2015.

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Breaking News from the WKF HQ..... KARATE is an OLYMPIC SPORT!

Letter received from the WKF President:

"Karate and the WKF are OLYMPIC!! Objective accomplished. This in an historic achievement and a milestone that will mark the future of our sport and of our Federation. Now we have to keep on working hard to address the innumerable challenges ahead of us.

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