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Karate in the Olympics!! Olympics


KSA Hosts Commonwealth Karate Championships

KSA are the official hosts of the Commonwealth Karate Championships 2018 in the Kingdom of Kwazulu Natal, City of Durban.

Right here on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Karate lovers, don't miss it!



On The Record: Karate Seizes Olympic Opportunity

World Karate President Antonio Espinos sheds light on the current status quo regarding Olympic Karate.

KSA Press Statement

Karate South Africa (KSA) deeply regrets the statements made by the Amateur Sport Consumer Association South Africa Karate (ASCA-SA) on Facebook and in other forums regarding its dissatisfaction with the alleged conduct of KSA.

We pride ourselves on always acting in the best interests of all our members and individual athletes and it is disappointing to us that there are athletes who feel aggrieved.

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KSA Reaching Out

KSA Reaching Out to the youth of the less fortunate communities.

Making a positive difference in the lives of many!

The KSA President Sonny Pillay Hanshi recently initiated a social outreach project on behalf of the national body called “KSA Reaching Out.“

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Karate Team SA Triumph In Gaborone

A team of 93 top ranked karateka’s travelled to Gaborone on 22nd May 2018 to participate in and represent South Africa at the AUSC Region 5 Karate Championship.

The tournament was held at the Boipisu Hall, Fairground Convention Center in Gaborone, capital of Botswana. The participating countries included Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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KSA Protea Coaching Workshop

The coaching workshop organised by the KSA Technical Convenor Brando Shihan and the KSA Director of Coaching, Michael Roetz, attracted a record number of athletes from throughout the country.

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